Complete Web Based Software

Tech Cloud ERP software is a complete web and cloud based software. Can be used it instantly anywhere, anytime, any browser and from any corner of the world.
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Tech cloud ERP software is a complete web-based one, it runs over a server, users can access the web-based software from anywhere across the world with good internet connection. It is also called as “ Cloud-based software”. By using Tech cloud ERP software you need not to install any software or upgrade the software. We will perform the required technical operations. Users can access the Cloud-based application using their smartphones, Tablet, iOS, Notebook etc. Multiple technical platforms like Microsoft, Java, PHP, .NET are used to build Cloud-based software. Cloud-based software is of two types of Hosted software and downloaded software. Hosted software is ready to use after registering online.

An alternate method is to download the software in your server, it requires some technical skills and investment. As it only requires an internet connection it is the most widely used software. It is less expensive and more flexible to use. So most of the businesses use web-based software. The user can log in from anywhere from their server. It is used in different types of organizations. Web-Based software can be used easily saving your time and money. You can concentrate on your business instead of focusing on technical work.

Mobile and Tab Compatibility

Tech Cloud ERP can be accessed in mobiles phones and tablets. No need to invest on high end systems nor desktops and laptops. This is considered as a best ERP software features in India.
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Tech cloud ERP software can be easily accessible in mobile phones and tablets. It is not necessary for a user to invest a huge amount to buy laptops. It is also easy to browse through the website even while you are traveling using mobile instead of carrying the laptop. UI of a Web-based application can be customized easily, You can update the look and feel of software easily at any time with ease. Whereas customizing a desktop application is little complex and expensive. Content can also be customized based on the device.

Installation and maintenance of cloud-based software is less complicated. After updating the software in a server, all the users of that server will have access to the updated software without downloading any software.

Unlimited Users

Tech Cloud ERP Software has unlimited users, which means no limitations for users. Many users can be created and can give controlled access to the transactions. This feature is one of the best ERP features in Hyderabad, India.
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Tech Cloud ERP software accommodates unlimited user access. This is one of the unique services we provide to our clients. There is no maximum limit for user access. Admin can create multiple users and can give permission to specific services and resources for users in their organization without any charges.
Dynamic Dhashboards

Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic dashboard feature of Tech Cloud ERP will help you to access specific module at one instant with GUI and helps the higher management to take quick decisions. This feature is one of the best cloud ERP software features in India.
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Tech Cloud ERP Software solutions provide Dynamic dashboards service for our clients. Multiple users can use a dynamic dashboard previously which is limited only for the single static user. Before using dynamic dashboards cloned dashboards were created by administrators if there are thousands of representatives the administrator used to clone the dashboard so that each representative can individually access the dashboard. Sales representatives will have single dashboard access with the dynamic dashboard, but they can view only their information.

In dynamic dashboards all the user's information is available but by using “My” Filter admin can enable only the information of the user who is currently viewing the dashboards. This data differs for different users. It is not necessary to replicate multiple dashboards when dynamic dashboards are used. The user can view his personal information when he will log in and if any changes are done the data will be updated automatically in the dynamic dashboard. It is easy to access and time-saving as admin can create a dashboard for thousands of users at a time.

Multi Language

User Interface can be built in any client-specific language which makes the user understand and communicate to the application without any obstacles. This is one of the best cloud based ERP software features in India.
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We provide Multiple Language support for our clients.  Multi-Lingual Website is very important for a company’s marketing purpose. If an organization is representing at international level then it is necessary that it has multi-languages. We can provide multiple languages support for web apps. For suppose if the client organization is an Indian based organization then the cloud-based software will be available in all the Indian Languages based on the client's requirement. Organizations which can communicate to their users in bilingual or multilingual can expand their business easily in all the possible ways. Users who are not aware of multiple languages also can view the information in the selected language.


Inbuilt Email and SMS Integration

It has in-built Email and SMS integration feature to help in reducing time on communications/notifications and concentrate more on other significant areas of your business.
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Tech cloud ERP solutions provide E-Mail and SMS Integration for our clients. In any organization, it is very important to communicate with users regularly to increase sales and marketing. Generally, organizations spend a lot of time and invest more money to communicate with their customers. We have Inbuilt E-Mail and SMS Integration. With our software admin can perform E-Mail and SMS Campaign easily. Admin can send the information to thousands of customers at a time.


Unlimited Data Storage

Tech Cloud ERP is a cloud based system, users can store unlimited data with secure.
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We provide unlimited data storage for our clients. Clients can store unlimited data in our cloud-based software. It is also very easy to use, admin can just drag and drop the files into the cloud. It is also easy to share the data with others. The information which is stored in the cloud is also secured and easily accessible.


Auto Backup

With Tech Cloud ERP auto backup facility, user's data can be automatically backed up in the server/cloud. And even the users can take a backup in their storage options from the UI of the software also.
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Creating data backup is the biggest problem in any organization, we should create a day to day backups to ensure that data is updated regularly in the cloud. Tech cloud ERP Solutions provide an auto-backup option where the information is updated automatically in the cloud regularly. The user can select the information for which the backup should be performed and all the other operations will be done automatically


Lifetime Product, No Renewals

Tech Cloud ERP product is a lifetime product, users no need to renew the product, we provide lifetime warranty and support. This feature is one of the best ERP accounting software features in India.
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This is one of the unique services we provide our clients. We provide all the services to our
clients for a lifetime. There are no additional charges for the continued services.