Tech Cloud ERP Enterprise Edition

Tech Cloud ERP Enterprise Edition, also known as Tech Cloud  Enterprise Resource Planning software , is used to satisfy the needs of an organisation rather than individual users. Such organisations include businesses, schools, interest-based user groups, clubs, charities, factories and governments. Enterprise software is an integral part of any information system.
Services provided Tech Cloud ERP enterprise software are typically business-oriented tools, such as online shopping, and online payment processing, interactive product catalog, automated billing systems, security, Business Process Management, enterprise content management, IT Service Management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, project management, collaboration, human resource management, manufacturing, occupational health and safety, enterprise application integration, and enterprise forms automation.
As enterprises have similar departments and systems in common, enterprise software is often available as a suite of customisable programs. Generally, the complexity of these tools requires specialist capabilities and specific knowledge. Enterprise computing is the information technology (IT) tools that businesses use for efficient production operations and back office support.  These IT tools cover database management, customer relationship management, supply chain management,  business process management and so on.


Sales Module

Sales & Marketing Module handles all the activities of domestic and international sales of an organisation. The customer and product database is maintained. Tech Cloud ERP - Sales Module has functions of order placement, order scheduling, shipping and invoicing. Sales Module can be integrated with organisation's eCommerce and CRM which supports sales transactions, lead generation, direct mailing campaign, marketing scenarios and more.

  • Handles pre-sales and sales activities of the organization
  • Complete stock-to-dock tracking of sales order processing cycle
  • Detailed Customers/ Business Partners/ Dealers database
  • Order amendment history
  • Authorization of orders and invoices
  • Order scheduling
  • Invoice generation with adjustments
  • Customer-specific prices
  • Enquiries
  • Quotations and amendments
  • Letter of credit details
  • Dashboards

Inventory Module

The objective of Inventory Module is to smoothly and economically provide the right materials at right time in the right condition. Knowing the level of inventory requirements keenly improves the overall working of other vital inter related departments. Planning the inventory levels and accurate recording of inventory movement at different stages result in better inventory tracking. It enables notifications for re-order levels quantity so that optimum level is maintained.

  • Online status of item quantity
  • Multiple levels of classification of items
  • Barcode enabled tracking
  • Expiry control and warranty tracking
  • Linking of GRN to PO and Invoice
  • Gate pass – Returnable/Non-returnable
  • Maintaining optimum stock levels
  • Multiple inventory locations and stock transfers
  • Multiple units of measurement
  • Alternate items for Production Planning
  • Handling of non-stock low value items like stationery
  • Images, specifications and technical drawings can be attached.

Purchase Module

Purchase Module has transactions that controls purchasing of materials needed to fulfil the customer’s orders and that controls the inventory. Purchasing ensures right materials are purchased at right price from right suppliers. This Module handles all the activities like creating purchase orders, contracts, supplier tracking, good receipt note, payment, regulatory compliance analysis and reporting.

  • Purchase Indents
  • Enquiries to multiple vendors
  • Quotation comparisons
  • Outstanding purchase orders
  • Configurable terms & conditions
  • Good Receipt Note
  • Supplier invoices & payments to suppliers
  • Credit Notes
  • Complete vendor database
  • Purchase planning report
  • Supplier aging analysis
  • Payment reports
  • Dashboards

Production Module

Production Module provides planning, control and execution of all aspects in a production environment. Production departments can determine exactly what they need to produce for a successful completion of the sales orders. Through bill of materials screens, users can define all the raw materials that are required to produce a finished product which includes man power, machine and required utilities. Our ERP Software Product works on both Made-to-order and Made-to-stock strategy.

  • Supports batch, discrete, made to order and made to stock types of production
  • Multi level bill of materials
  • Multiple BOM variants supported
  • Enables process routing
  • Formulation of production plans
  • Material requirement planning based on sales order and production plan
  • Production orders generated on the basis of BOM and process routing
  • Production scheduling
  • Issue of materials
  • Finished goods receipt against production order
  • By product and scrap tracking during production
  • Production costing methods

Finance Module

Accounting and Finance are the core areas of an organisation. This Module interacts with the other functional modules to collect the financial data for the general ledger and other financial statements of the company. Tech Cloud ERP Finance Module streamlines the core finance operations and capture new opportunities. This Module integrates key financial and accounting processes, thus making it easier to maintain financial data. The Module helps to maintain all important ledger accounts and effective in handling cash and asset management. Caters all the financial management needs with no data entry.

  • Payments and Receipts
  • Total flow of money (Cash/Bank) and total expenditures
  • Bank account transfers
  • Journal Entries
  • Bank Reconcilation
  • General Ledger Inquiries
  • Ta Inquiries
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss A/c
  • Balance Sheet
  • Debtors creditors balances
  • Bank statement
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Audit Trail

Quality Control

Quality Control Module checks the quality of raw materials and finished goods in each and every stage. This Module is linked with every department in an enterprise. A process through which a business seeks to ensure that product quality is maintained perfectly. Many QC parameters can be added and can use those parameters validation to check the raw material and finished good's quality. This Module is integrated with Production, Inventory and Purchase.

  • Define inspection plans and checklists
  • Define QC tests
  • Assign inventory with user defined QC stat uses
  • Disposition inventory based upon QC status
  • Generate customized Certificates of Analysis
  • Analyze QC historic results.

Human Resource

Human Resources Module is used for the recruitment process, payroll, training and the performance evaluation process. This Module handles the history of the employee, tracks the employees laid off and aids in rehiring of the employees. Payroll is done based upon the attendance management system. All statutory compliances is also taken care. This Module can be integrated with the biometric system. This Module can be used as an independent module and can be integrated to the other modules also based on the necessity.

  • Employee Database
  • Dynamic HR Letter templates
  • Attendance Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Leave Management
  • Shift Management
  • Payroll Generation
  • PF & ESI calculation
  • Loan Management
  • Tax Management
  • Automatically hits finance
  • Reports
  • Dashboards

Asset Management

The Asset Management Module provides customers with the ability to manage entire life of their enterprise assets. Asset Management manages complete lifecycle of the fixed assets, giving an accurate picture of assets all in one place. From initial procurement through tracking, depreciation and disposal, Asset Management gives right data to make well-versed choices. And with seamless integration between Asset Management, Purchasing and Accounting functions, one can easily and more accurately manage all of the assets.

  • Manage depreciable/non-depreciable assets and customize asset depreciation
  • Import/Export asset records
  • Track, monitor and transfer assets
  • Assign assets to Employees
  • Assign Vision Units to an asset to track billing value

Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance Module facilitates a schedule of planned maintenance actions to prevent breakdowns and failures. It ensures that the equipment’s are getting the regular necessary maintenance to keep them up and running. This allows maintenance managers to have instant access to equipment location, images, serial numbers, manuals, documents, manufacturer and supplier contact info, installation and warranty expiration date, repair history, upcoming maintenance and more. It gives notifications for all types of maintenance.

  • Equipment Details
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Break-down Maintenance
  • Utility Details and maintenance
  • Work, planning and scheduling
  • Plant layout
  • Machine Loading
  • Inventory and Procurement
  • Built-in Documents
  • Analytical and Reporting
  • Dashboards

Job Work

Tech Cloud ERP Job Work module helps with sub-contracting. An organization can work on the outside company’s products or may even outsource the production capability to other companies. Job Work module maintains the records & keeps track of both outsource and insource subcontracts. With Tech Cloud ERP Job Work module, it’s easy to assign multiple Job work to different workers to quickly produce finished goods. Regular notifications can be enabled for reminders on delivery due dates. Pre-defined margins can also be added on the job work goods and unique barcodes/batch numbers can be generated. Thus, helps the manufacturing industries to save time and improve profit margins on the job work.

  • Job Work Order Entry
  • Issue Materials to Job Work Order
  • Outstanding Job Work Orders Maintenance
  • Job Work Supplier Invoices
  • Payments to Job Work Suppliers
  • Job Work Supplier Credit Notes
  • Allocate Job Work Supplier Payments or Credit Notes


  • Sales Quotation Entry
  • Direct Delivery
  • Direct Invoice
  • Delivery against sales orders
  • Invoice against sales orders
  • Customer payments
  • Customer credit notes
  • Allocate customer credit notes/payments
  • Purchase Quotation Entry
  • Purchase Order Entry
  • Outstanding Purchase Orders Maintenance
  • Direct GRN
  • Direct Supplier Invoice
  • Payments to suppliers
  • Supplier invoices
  • Supplier credit notes
  • Allocate supplier credit notes/payments
  • Item Master
  • Unit Of Measure
  • Item Classification
  • Ability to Clone, Rename, and Merge Inventory Items
  • Incremental Units
  • Bar Code
  • Serial Number with Warranty Information
  • Work Order Entry
  • Outstanding Work Orders
  • Production Planning Entry
  • Production Planning Schedule
  • Payments
  • Deposits
  • Bank Account Transfers
  • Journal Entry
  • Budget Entry
  • Reconcile Bank Account
  • Production Stages
  • Inspection Parameters
  • Inspection Parameters in Production Stage
  • FG Parameters
  • Payslip Entry
  • Payroll
  • Attendance Entry
  • Attachments
  • Leave Requests
  • Calendar
  • Issue Material for Machine Maintenance
  • Fixed Assets Purchase
  • Fixed Assets Location Transfers
  • Fixed Assets Disposal
  • Fixed Assets Sale
  • Process Depreciation
  • Job Work Order Entry
  • Issue Materials to Job Work Order
  • Outstanding Job Work Orders Maintenance
  • Job Work Supplier Invoices
  • Payments to Job Work Suppliers
  • Job Work Supplier Credit Notes
  • Allocate Job Work Supplier Payments or Credit Notes

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